Saturday, August 14, 2010

New blog coming soon!


This is just a quick posting here!
So I'm starting a new blog. Not that there is anything wrong with this one... XD But I just thought that the style/things I was writing about doesn't really interest people :---D So, now I'm really gonna take some effort on posting on my new blog. Updates with pictures will be a bit tricky, cause my camera is broken, but I'll try my best!
I will also try to find some useful links and so on, about Gyaru/Ulzzang shops. If I get my camera fixed, I will try to post v-logs. Although I find it funny talking to the camera :---D

I'm still working with the layout, but I will post here when I'm ready to publish the new one! It will be sometimes soon I hope! Maybe in one week, let's see~

The first posting of my new blog (atleast what I'll try to post about):

- Shopping
- Ulzzang
- Gyaru (Onee-kei)
- Online shops

The new blog will be a bit more about Ulzzang than Gyaru. I don't find gyaru-style really me, but I do take some inspiration out of it. I will also put more effort on the blog layout/look. I have been also thinking about writing in Finnish. But I will have a small translation-box underneath it.

So, what do you think~?

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