Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I see there are some new readers on this blog. AND, if you didn't notice the previous post, this is not my main blog anymore! My new blog is: . So if you want to follow me, do it there, not here.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

New blog!

Heeey! So I got my new blog ready sooner than I thought, so I already posted!
I won't be updating this blog anymore, so you can continue following me at my new blog!


Please tell me what you think about the new one~!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

New blog coming soon!


This is just a quick posting here!
So I'm starting a new blog. Not that there is anything wrong with this one... XD But I just thought that the style/things I was writing about doesn't really interest people :---D So, now I'm really gonna take some effort on posting on my new blog. Updates with pictures will be a bit tricky, cause my camera is broken, but I'll try my best!
I will also try to find some useful links and so on, about Gyaru/Ulzzang shops. If I get my camera fixed, I will try to post v-logs. Although I find it funny talking to the camera :---D

I'm still working with the layout, but I will post here when I'm ready to publish the new one! It will be sometimes soon I hope! Maybe in one week, let's see~

The first posting of my new blog (atleast what I'll try to post about):

- Shopping
- Ulzzang
- Gyaru (Onee-kei)
- Online shops

The new blog will be a bit more about Ulzzang than Gyaru. I don't find gyaru-style really me, but I do take some inspiration out of it. I will also put more effort on the blog layout/look. I have been also thinking about writing in Finnish. But I will have a small translation-box underneath it.

So, what do you think~?

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Why is the rum always gone?

I didn't have time to post yesterday, so this update is going to be filled with pictures, because I'm lazy to write :---D
Anyways... My boyfriend came to Turku on Friday and we went to buy some decoration stuff for the cake we were going to make.
But, we were quite lazy so we bought some ready made tart bases XD

I'm not going to explain the whole process so here are some pictures:
(I don't have a picture of the ready cake, because it came out quite fugly XD)

So, the b-day party was yesterday. We got there a bit late, because of the cake and there were only a few buses going. Finally when we got there, the party was already started and people were having a good time outside. Unfortunately we weren't the only one who made a cake, so we put our cake next to two other, which were pretty much better than ours :---D
It was nice seeing everybody, and there were also couple of new people, who I didn't know.

The party went well, even though it was hot like hell inside the house, but if you went out, the mosquitoes would kill you. The house was pretty much a mess in the morning. I had nooo idea. The carpets and floor were wet. The sink was blocked, so we couldn't wash the dishes. There were also ink marks all over the sofas, because people had this brilliant idea of writing on to each others hands and body.

I had never appreciated home this much. I was so happy to go home, take a shower in my bathroom with my shampoo and soap, and lie down on my own bed. I felt so relieved~

I'm now sooo tired >___< School starts the day after tomorrow. I don't know how am I going to survive... Luckily my friend Laitti is going to be in the same school as I am, although she is one year ahead of me. I hope we have some same courses.

Let's see how often I'm going to update after school starts. I guess the first weeks won't be so busy yet, so I'll update when I get a chance and when there is something to write.

Aaand gals from Finland, don't forget about the next Gal Meetup @ Helsinki!
Check out more info on Facebook from here!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Sowing and nails

Today I had time to concentrate on my outfit for the coming b-day party. I was going to sow a ribbon to tie around my leg, but I made it out of different parts and of course I didn't realise one of the pieces were not stretchable the project kinda failed... It was a terrible mess and I had no idea how to use our sowing machine, and broke about three needles :---D I sucked at handcrafts. In the end I got into some kind of process and made them as hand accessories.

I chose purple, even I don't prefer purple very much, because it matches with my ring and my new nail polish! I tried the nail polish I bought and it turned out to be really good! You had to put two layers of it, before you got a covering and intense colour. I also put some glitter on the tips, but my hands were really shaky and the glitter wasn't very good, so they look a bit messy...
I cleaned my shelves yesterday and I found these nail decos I had completely forgotten about! I bought them last winter from Japan. I think I'm gonna try few of these~

Nothing much to post about for today!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Random update!

Sooo, today I went with my friend Vicky to shop some things for the coming birthday on Saturday! They have got like a pirate-theme, so I bought an eyepatch :---D Hahah~ I also bought a black skirt and a white scarfy thingy to tie around it. I'm not sure yet, what will be my whole outfit. I also bought some ribbons and different kind of laces. I hope I'll manage something out of them...

Isn't the pirate on the left, like the cutest?

Again I had trouble finding what to put on. It was warm, but I didn't want to wear shorts or a skirt. And all my dresses are so tight I might just faint in them :---D I found my 2-3 years old jeans, and amazingly some how they still fit. Although I had to go lie down and squeeze myself in XD

Before I left home, I went to Omegle just for fun, since I was bored. Had to click like 249112948 times before I saw someone with clothes one. Seriously, people should get a life. Finally, I met this nice Korean boy, who lived in California though :---D We talked for a while, and I added him on Facebook later because I had to go. Anyways, it was nice talking with someone who actually had clothes on. 그셔서 감사합니다~!

I look so retarded...

Surprise, we didn't buy much, just being fat in Hesburger :---D Well, I didn't eat though. 'Cause seriously, diet. Hard. My dream weight would be 38 kg, that's... far away enough.

BUT! I bought this suuupernice nail polish from INGLOT. It' actually quite a new store in Turku, not sure if they have it anywhere else. I don't really like purple, but it goes well with my ring.

After coming home I didn't do much. I just died on my bed, because my legs hurt so much of the high heels >____< Nomnomnom on some strawberries~ It was seriously as big as my head. Not.

This was such an random update, but I'll be posting about the birthday later! I think it's going to be fun and a bit depressing at the same time. It's kinda our last gathering with all the people before summer holiday ends. But it will be nice seeing people! Some are coming all the way from Helsinki too!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Trip to Helsinki!

So, yesterday I went to Helsinki. Again, I didn't wake up early enough and I was in a terrible rush. I forgot some of my things, but luckily I made it to the train. When the train left the station I opened my bag to grab my phone and make a call... ''Wait, why is this wet?''. I looked inside my bag and it was completely wet and my things were floating in it. I guess the plastic bag didn't hold and my juice spilled in. NICE. So I had to empty all my things from the bag and I was feeling a bit embarrassed emptying my things on the seat next to me and my bag started to drip some juice out of it.
Well... nothing significant happened, but I was really pissed off because all my things were sticky and my camera didn't work anymore.

(Sorry for the bad quality, I took it with my phone)

I was suffering in the train, because my headphones were also broke so I couldn't listen to any music. When I got to Helsinki I got my things cleaned and no harm done! The whole day we were just hanging out in the center and later in the evening we went to the park with Jatta, Niko, Viivi, Arttu and Heikki + one whose name I can't recall :---D

There were so many ants! >___<

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Today I hanged out with a couple of friends. First I went to the center with Anton to see some new shops in Hansa, LOL~ Nothing new, and nothing I haven't seen before. People never come up with anything new! We got bored, so we went down to the riverside to take some photos.

After Anton left, I met up with Annika, Laitti and Dongki. We were suppose to spend the whole evening at DBTL (Down By The Laituri). But when we got there... There was nothing... They used to have stuff going outside the real area, but this time there was absolutely nothing! Except for the few small stores selling spring rolls or sausage... But what I was suppose to expect? Turku is such a dead place. There is never anything cool happening here, or atleast _something_. So, we just walked around the riverside.

And then... Of course it started RAINING. Great. We went to hang about under a underpass bridge until the rain would stop. Mean while we were bored and doing nothing under the bridge, Laitti started playing her Nintendo DS and I was... Ummm... Exploring.

Aaand last but not least, I got these lashes from my friend~

Monday, July 26, 2010

Too hot!

Don't you just hate people who can't keep their promises? Well I do! I was suppose to hang out with my friend today, who I haven't seen for a long time, I called him at the time we were suppose to meet, but he didn't answer his phone. I thought ''Well, maybe his phone is on silence, I'll try soon again''. Soon came and went, still no answer AND he had turn his phone off! So by then he must had seen I had called ARGH! I was really getting frustrated and I was ready to leave home. Fortunately I ran in to my friend who I hadn't seen for a long time, since she moved to Africa 3 years ago. It was nice seeing with her~

Walking back home it was so warm! Well, not actually that warm, but a big change coming from England, where it was windy and mostly cool all the time. I suddenly started to miss the weather in England. Yesterday it was so warm I just rolled around in my bed for 3 hours. When I got home I immediately turned on the cooler and just sat in front of it for like 10 minutes. LOL~ And my cat was like dying, because of the heat and with all that fur.

I forgot to mention on my last posting about these sooo cute accessories I bought from England! I especially like the ribbon one, because it's big enough, so I don't have to wear anything else on that hand.

I'm sure you noticed I'm not separating all the pictures and putting lines on to them like I did in my earlier entries. It's because my computer is crap and I'm lazy XD Also I'm crappy at editing.
Today I managed to clean up my laptop from all the junk I had downloaded and updated the erm... Snow Leopard -system? Well, anyways the system for MacBook :'''D It's working a bit faster now, success! I still need to find a wallpaper I'm satisfied with.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Back in Finland

So, I've now been back in Finland for 2 days now... And it's boring. Surprise. Of course after weeks of sunshine and warmness the weather changes when I come back
Yesterday I was with my friend Vicky for the whole day, because she was leaving for a camp the next day. I also saw other people, but because of the bad weather we didn't stay out long. She actually came from Vietnam just a week ago, haven't seen each other for almost 9 weeks, so it was good to see her. She bought me some souvenirs from Vietnam, but of course she had to have some overweight so she had to leave things behind. Although she managed to bring me back these cool mix-style headphones! I don't like listening to music from these kind of headphones, but they are reaaally cool as an accessory!

Before we left England I still had some money left, so I spent it on some makeup~

And some hair extensions too! Their only synthetic so nothing yay about that... But they were actually quite good quality and they don't shine that much, so it was okay, because they only cost like 1,50£

I bought two of the blonde extensions and three purple. The blondes have 6 clips in one extension and the purple ones 2 clips.

I really don't know what I'm going to do for the next 2 weeks of holiday. School hasn't even started yet and I'm already feeling like I'll probably go and buy my school books tomorrow so that I'll get it sorted out of the way. Hopefully the sunshine will come back soon!

Sorry for the crappy editing... -.- My computer was totally against me today.