Friday, July 30, 2010

Trip to Helsinki!

So, yesterday I went to Helsinki. Again, I didn't wake up early enough and I was in a terrible rush. I forgot some of my things, but luckily I made it to the train. When the train left the station I opened my bag to grab my phone and make a call... ''Wait, why is this wet?''. I looked inside my bag and it was completely wet and my things were floating in it. I guess the plastic bag didn't hold and my juice spilled in. NICE. So I had to empty all my things from the bag and I was feeling a bit embarrassed emptying my things on the seat next to me and my bag started to drip some juice out of it.
Well... nothing significant happened, but I was really pissed off because all my things were sticky and my camera didn't work anymore.

(Sorry for the bad quality, I took it with my phone)

I was suffering in the train, because my headphones were also broke so I couldn't listen to any music. When I got to Helsinki I got my things cleaned and no harm done! The whole day we were just hanging out in the center and later in the evening we went to the park with Jatta, Niko, Viivi, Arttu and Heikki + one whose name I can't recall :---D

There were so many ants! >___<


  1. hi! i really like your blog. your layout and pictures are pretty! it would be nice to see more of your outfits. (^U^)/

  2. Oh thank you! ^___^ My intention is to put more pictures of myself, but unfortunately of the bag-accident I have no longer a good camera, but I will try!

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  4. Kiitos! Ja en mä tiedä miks päätin kirjottaa enkuks :'''D Kai siks et suurempi osa ihmisiä osaa englantii ku suomee :---D