Thursday, July 15, 2010

Greetings from England!

While I'm still all excited about my new blog I'll start posting about my trip right away. So, I'm currently in England on a holiday, staying with my mom. London is way too far from here, so unfortunately I wont be going there

But! Not to worry! Shops are everywhere! Went up to Newcastle to shop for some brands. Already did some shopping in Sunderland, but it was just a small town, so I only bought a few things.

I've noticed that here in England, that all the junk and un-healthy food are so cheap here! I've been eating waaay too much!
Also most of the health and beauty products here are cheap! I think I'm gonna stock up my luggage and bring them back to Finland, so I don't have to buy the expensive ones from Finland

Have a nice day~!

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