Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Today I hanged out with a couple of friends. First I went to the center with Anton to see some new shops in Hansa, LOL~ Nothing new, and nothing I haven't seen before. People never come up with anything new! We got bored, so we went down to the riverside to take some photos.

After Anton left, I met up with Annika, Laitti and Dongki. We were suppose to spend the whole evening at DBTL (Down By The Laituri). But when we got there... There was nothing... They used to have stuff going outside the real area, but this time there was absolutely nothing! Except for the few small stores selling spring rolls or sausage... But what I was suppose to expect? Turku is such a dead place. There is never anything cool happening here, or atleast _something_. So, we just walked around the riverside.

And then... Of course it started RAINING. Great. We went to hang about under a underpass bridge until the rain would stop. Mean while we were bored and doing nothing under the bridge, Laitti started playing her Nintendo DS and I was... Ummm... Exploring.

Aaand last but not least, I got these lashes from my friend~

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  1. Well we still had fun! :''D Ahahhahaaa in this entry it sounded we had totally dull day. XDD