Monday, July 26, 2010

Too hot!

Don't you just hate people who can't keep their promises? Well I do! I was suppose to hang out with my friend today, who I haven't seen for a long time, I called him at the time we were suppose to meet, but he didn't answer his phone. I thought ''Well, maybe his phone is on silence, I'll try soon again''. Soon came and went, still no answer AND he had turn his phone off! So by then he must had seen I had called ARGH! I was really getting frustrated and I was ready to leave home. Fortunately I ran in to my friend who I hadn't seen for a long time, since she moved to Africa 3 years ago. It was nice seeing with her~

Walking back home it was so warm! Well, not actually that warm, but a big change coming from England, where it was windy and mostly cool all the time. I suddenly started to miss the weather in England. Yesterday it was so warm I just rolled around in my bed for 3 hours. When I got home I immediately turned on the cooler and just sat in front of it for like 10 minutes. LOL~ And my cat was like dying, because of the heat and with all that fur.

I forgot to mention on my last posting about these sooo cute accessories I bought from England! I especially like the ribbon one, because it's big enough, so I don't have to wear anything else on that hand.

I'm sure you noticed I'm not separating all the pictures and putting lines on to them like I did in my earlier entries. It's because my computer is crap and I'm lazy XD Also I'm crappy at editing.
Today I managed to clean up my laptop from all the junk I had downloaded and updated the erm... Snow Leopard -system? Well, anyways the system for MacBook :'''D It's working a bit faster now, success! I still need to find a wallpaper I'm satisfied with.

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