Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Random update!

Sooo, today I went with my friend Vicky to shop some things for the coming birthday on Saturday! They have got like a pirate-theme, so I bought an eyepatch :---D Hahah~ I also bought a black skirt and a white scarfy thingy to tie around it. I'm not sure yet, what will be my whole outfit. I also bought some ribbons and different kind of laces. I hope I'll manage something out of them...

Isn't the pirate on the left, like the cutest?

Again I had trouble finding what to put on. It was warm, but I didn't want to wear shorts or a skirt. And all my dresses are so tight I might just faint in them :---D I found my 2-3 years old jeans, and amazingly some how they still fit. Although I had to go lie down and squeeze myself in XD

Before I left home, I went to Omegle just for fun, since I was bored. Had to click like 249112948 times before I saw someone with clothes one. Seriously, people should get a life. Finally, I met this nice Korean boy, who lived in California though :---D We talked for a while, and I added him on Facebook later because I had to go. Anyways, it was nice talking with someone who actually had clothes on. 그셔서 감사합니다~!

I look so retarded...

Surprise, we didn't buy much, just being fat in Hesburger :---D Well, I didn't eat though. 'Cause seriously, diet. Hard. My dream weight would be 38 kg, that's... far away enough.

BUT! I bought this suuupernice nail polish from INGLOT. It' actually quite a new store in Turku, not sure if they have it anywhere else. I don't really like purple, but it goes well with my ring.

After coming home I didn't do much. I just died on my bed, because my legs hurt so much of the high heels >____< Nomnomnom on some strawberries~ It was seriously as big as my head. Not.

This was such an random update, but I'll be posting about the birthday later! I think it's going to be fun and a bit depressing at the same time. It's kinda our last gathering with all the people before summer holiday ends. But it will be nice seeing people! Some are coming all the way from Helsinki too!


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  2. bwahahah, oon lyhyt ja haluun laihtuu, piste :---D
    ja kiitos~

  3. photoshopped eyes in last pic ? :P