Sunday, August 8, 2010

Why is the rum always gone?

I didn't have time to post yesterday, so this update is going to be filled with pictures, because I'm lazy to write :---D
Anyways... My boyfriend came to Turku on Friday and we went to buy some decoration stuff for the cake we were going to make.
But, we were quite lazy so we bought some ready made tart bases XD

I'm not going to explain the whole process so here are some pictures:
(I don't have a picture of the ready cake, because it came out quite fugly XD)

So, the b-day party was yesterday. We got there a bit late, because of the cake and there were only a few buses going. Finally when we got there, the party was already started and people were having a good time outside. Unfortunately we weren't the only one who made a cake, so we put our cake next to two other, which were pretty much better than ours :---D
It was nice seeing everybody, and there were also couple of new people, who I didn't know.

The party went well, even though it was hot like hell inside the house, but if you went out, the mosquitoes would kill you. The house was pretty much a mess in the morning. I had nooo idea. The carpets and floor were wet. The sink was blocked, so we couldn't wash the dishes. There were also ink marks all over the sofas, because people had this brilliant idea of writing on to each others hands and body.

I had never appreciated home this much. I was so happy to go home, take a shower in my bathroom with my shampoo and soap, and lie down on my own bed. I felt so relieved~

I'm now sooo tired >___< School starts the day after tomorrow. I don't know how am I going to survive... Luckily my friend Laitti is going to be in the same school as I am, although she is one year ahead of me. I hope we have some same courses.

Let's see how often I'm going to update after school starts. I guess the first weeks won't be so busy yet, so I'll update when I get a chance and when there is something to write.

Aaand gals from Finland, don't forget about the next Gal Meetup @ Helsinki!
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  1. Hyvä et mun silmät harittaa iha eri suuntii tos toises kuvassa, ahhaha why so drunk. XDDD

  2. Nice pictures. Keep up posting. You have a cute style also.

  3. Hi you have a nice blog :) How much did that nail polish from Inglot cost?

  4. Thank you! (^___^) And the nail polish cost 10€. But the price changes depending on what nail polish are you buying!