Thursday, August 5, 2010

Sowing and nails

Today I had time to concentrate on my outfit for the coming b-day party. I was going to sow a ribbon to tie around my leg, but I made it out of different parts and of course I didn't realise one of the pieces were not stretchable the project kinda failed... It was a terrible mess and I had no idea how to use our sowing machine, and broke about three needles :---D I sucked at handcrafts. In the end I got into some kind of process and made them as hand accessories.

I chose purple, even I don't prefer purple very much, because it matches with my ring and my new nail polish! I tried the nail polish I bought and it turned out to be really good! You had to put two layers of it, before you got a covering and intense colour. I also put some glitter on the tips, but my hands were really shaky and the glitter wasn't very good, so they look a bit messy...
I cleaned my shelves yesterday and I found these nail decos I had completely forgotten about! I bought them last winter from Japan. I think I'm gonna try few of these~

Nothing much to post about for today!


  1. woaaaa u r sooo cute!! more pics of urself pls!! ^^